How does it feel to have written an entire novel?

Absolutely. Freaking. Awesome.

What are your thoughts right now?

No one, ever, in the world, has ever felt how awesome it is to write a whole novel. No one.

Are you sure? There’s an awful lot of novels—

No one.


Yeah. That’s right.

So how long has it taken you to complete this book?

Well, the whole idea sort of came about last October [2011] or so; in November [2011] I really started putting together a lot of the backstory, the history of Erâth, things like that. The actual story itself – I started it in late January [2012], a sort of delayed New Year’s resolution.

So how awesome is this book?

Really awesome.


No. It’s really, really awesome.

Um. Have you had any reviews so far?


Has anyone read it?


Right then.


Can you give a summary of what the story’s about, then?

No. You’ll just have to read it and find out – that’s how awesome it is. It’s so awesome, there’s no way to summarize it; it would just completely blow your mind, like right out of the back of your head.

Wow. That does sound awesome. Well how about letting us know the […]

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7 thoughts on “How does it feel to have written an entire novel?

  1. congrats!!!! WHAT AN ACCOMPLISHMENT! Best wishes on its success and many blessings…You deserve them…way go to Satis!!!!!

    • Thank you so much, Gerri! Dan has told me how my story has helped him escape at times, and it was very touching for me to hear this. In many ways, something so simple makes the whole thing feel like it was worth it.

      I hope you are faring better today.

      • yes I agree…and it was definitely a compliment. Dan reads a lot and is very picky about what he reads….it is an awesome book from what i have been able to read . im not very far lol…but medication has me out a lot. i dont like it but i dont have a choice i guess. now he likes it so much he will be waiting for a second one ya know ….when he finds an author he really likes he waits and watches for more…LOL just so ya know …and he really likes yours….you already have a fan following ha ha ha

  2. DUDE CONGRATS! YOU’RE DEFINITELY GOING TO SUCCEED, and I’ll definitely feel a little jealous once I’m not one of a few people who’s read this book, but one of the many many fans who eagerly await the next installment. (Aiming for a trilogy or a septology? or hex- or quartet or quint- or ya know…)

    • Wow – your enthusiasm and optimism astounds me! If only it will make it like you hope, I will be thrilled beyond reckoning!

      Yes – it will be a series of seven books.

      Like I said, notice the number seven cropping up a whole bunch?


      • This is true, I do remember you saying it earlier. -.-‘ Also, sorry, the caps locks was locked on for a bit before I corrected it, but yes, I am very optimistic and enthusiastic about this. You could probably make some blog posts about your attempts to publish and edit this thing too, once it gets that far…

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