The Future of Erâth

I was talking to a friend the other day, and we started talking about blogging, and what sort of things we each blogged about. As I told him about Satis, he asked why I didn’t have my story, The Redemption of Erâth, on its own blog, to define it as a separate and specific topic, leaving this one – Satis – for other fiction and fantasy related posts.

I have to say, he got me thinking. I’m going to test this out, and see what happens: all ‘long reads’ regarding the development of this story (i.e. chapters) will be posted at, and I will continue to use Satis as a way of sharing my other thoughts, as I have been doing for some time.

For the moment, I will post a synopsis of each chapter here, at the same time as it is published over there. I’d be interested to see what you think of this, particularly since the progress on The Redemption of Erâth has kickstarted me into thinking about my long-forgotten storychild, A Gothic Symphony, and I will soon be creating a WordPress site for this as well.

So for all of you who are currently following me here, I invite you to check out, and if you’re interested in specifically keeping up to date with my story, please follow me there as well!


Chris (Satis)

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