This blogging, it’s getting out of hand, you know.

I’ve been busy over the past few days. I’ve published two chapters of my book in two days, which feels kind of crazy, and I think for myself as much as anyone else I need to cut it back a little bit. My original New Year’s resolution (remember those?) was to write a chapter a week. Well, it’s the end of the fifth week, and I’ve caught myself up. So, here’s the plan.

I will attempt to post one new chapter from my book each Saturday, if I am able to complete it. The chapters are aimed at being around 4,000 words in length (± 400), and I think over five days (Fridays and Sundays are for movies, come on!) this should be doable.

I will also try to commit to a shorter, less prosaic post mid-week, on…well, randomness, I guess. I don’t really have much of a theme going on here, other than writing. Maybe just little updates, thoughts, musings – you know, that kind of stuff.

So that’s where we’re at; I’m very pleased with my progress so far, and here’s to it continuing in much the same way. If it does, I’ll have two of the seven books finished by next year, and that’s very exciting!

Happy reading!

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