To the few who read my stuff


This is a quick one. I’ve been posting for about three months now. Mostly bits of stories. I don’t get a lot of hits, but that’s okay – I wasn’t expecting to. What did surprise me was that there were some people out there who have “liked” a blog or two, commented, and – believe it or not – subscribed!

And I want to say thank you.

I know I’m terrible at replying. I’m lousy at getting back to people, and I know I haven’t said an awful lot about any of you. But I have visited all your blogs, and been fascinated by what I’ve found. I’ve noticed.

I don’t write for fame, and I don’t blog for recognition. If I write a story, it’s for myself and my son. If I blog a thought, it’s because I can’t keep it in. And it means a lot – a lot – that there are those of you kind enough to let me know how I’m doing. It’s actually really inspirational, and makes me want to work even harder.

So that’s it – I really, really appreciate your support. You’re all great – thank you!

Take care,



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