The Redemption of Erâth: Proof in Print

Look what came in the mail!

Look what came in the mail!

I want to share a very quick update with you all: the print proof of History of Erâth arrived in the mail on Saturday, and it looks (for the most part) gorgeous! For all the detail in the cover, the image is crisp and sharp, the text is well laid-out, and the iconography (chapter headers, etc.) look fantastic. The only thing I need to fix is the internal resolution of the map image—it’s a little pixelated at the moment.

That’s really all I have right now—it’s looking like we’re well on track for a full release on October 5! Remember, you can already pre-order the Kindle or iBooks version now for only $0.99, by clicking the following links! And if you’d like both the History of Erâth and Consolation for free, just sign up for my newsletter below!

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Thought of the Week: The Seventh Magpie (Review)

Last week I introduced you to a new book by first-time author, Nancy Chase, called The Seventh Magpie. This week I come to you bearing good tidings: it is everything I hoped it would be, and more.

The Seventh Magpie is billed as a “dark fairy tale of loss and renewal”. I would possibly debate the tag “dark”; so many things these days are dark, and inasmuch as death, grief and despair are dark, this story has just as much darkness as a traditional Hans Christian Anderson tale. As far as calling it a fairy tale … it is on par with the aforementioned master, if not, in places, better.

[the writing is] minimal, yet laced with a lyricism that never feels dull.

In it, we witness young Princess Catrin sent away from her home and her father in the wake of her mother’s mysterious disappearance, left with a single token to remind her of what she left behind: a golden book, containing The Best Story in the World. It comes at a price, though—she can read but one page a day. The book, however, is confiscated for twelve long years, and when she finally has the chance to read it again, she defies this warning—to the loss of all she loves. Striking a bargain with seven devilish magpies, she sets out to redeem her losses, and save her life.

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