The Redemption of Erâth: Volume One – Consolation, Chapter 13

Chapter 13

A Message from Elven

By the following spring, nearly two dozen folk from Burrowdown had learned of the Scythe’s Blood. The great mark Sonora had left upon the Burrow Bridge had the effect they sought; for some days, all thought of wolves and darkness was drowned in talk of the mark and its creator. The origin of the mark was yet a mystery to the villagers, and despite Brandyé’s own reputation, not once did suspicion seem to settle upon him. This was possibly because Brandyé had sought to present as well-behaved a person as he possibly could whenever he found himself among the people of the village.

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The Redemption of Erâth: Volume One – Consolation, Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Burrowdown in Darkness

Some time after Brandyé and Reuel returned to Burrowdown, the sky became clouded and did not clear. It seldom rained, but nor did the sun shine through, and the village gradually settled into gloom. Brandyé returned to his life at their home and discovered that, in effect, he was the head of the household; Reuel now did very little work, though he still would make a fabulous stew each weekend. For a brief moment, Brandyé felt he had returned to the abandonment of his childhood, when his grandfather was his one and only lord, and a kindly one.

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The Redemption of Erâth: Volume One – Consolation, Chapter 11

Chapter 11

The Scythe’s Blood

As Brandyé and Elven followed the turns and corners of the small streets of Daevàr’s Hut, night came wholly upon them, and what light there was came only from open doorways, curtained windows, and flickering lanterns along the alleys. From the doors of inns came raucous laughter and sometimes the sound of brawls, but in the streets themselves there were now few people.

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