Daily Photos: April 30, 2007 (Aloe Bloom – Late)

Aloe Bloom (Late)

Who knew aloes produced such strange and wonderful flowers?

We used to have an aloe plant. That aloe plant made babies, and then those babies made babies, and soon we had a conservatory bursting with aloes. Then, they started making these wonderful, dangling orange flowers. Amazing.

Daily Photos: April 29, 2012 (Fallen Bunker)

Fallen Bunker

Fallen bunker.

Past the Hamptons is a town called Montauk, and on its beach are these totems to wars past – slowly eroding concrete bunkers, fallen into the sea.

Daily Photos: April 27, 2009 (Aloe Bloom – Early)

Aloe Bloom (Early)

Aloe bloom (early).

Aloes produce the most wonderful flowers, and they start their bloom as these odd, pointy protuberances.