The Redemption of Erâth: Book Three, Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten: The Crossing of the World, Part II


There was a curious comfort to Brandyé in the cold snow and the warm fires of the fishing village. It was far from the glory and glass spires of Viura Râ, and the magic that seemed to abound there; doors opened at the turn of a handle rather than merely appearing when needed, and though their buildings’ heat came mostly from steaming iron pipes and not flame, there was such a flavor of old world to it that he felt very much at home. The great advancements of men, it seemed, did not spread equally across all the world of Erâth.

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The Redemption of Erâth: Book Three, Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine: The Crossing of the World, Part I


There was much work to be done in preparation for the voyages of the Sarâthen, Athalya and Brandyé, and it was some weeks before they were able to make their way to the port of Viura Râ in search of a vessel that would take them hence. Brandyé came to the conclusion that, as high a position as the Sarâthen held in the world, even they were not able to travel on a whim to whatever kingdom took their fancy, or to speak with whichever leaders they desired. (It did not occur to him that the Sarâthen might well be able to do so, but he could not.)

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The Redemption of Erâth: Book Three, Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight: The Council of Erâth


It was several days before such a meeting could be arranged, and he spent his time wandering the wondrous streets of Viura Râ, or deep in conversation with the old Sarâthen, whose name he still had not gathered. He learned much of the world of Erâth, and of the great city in particular. Viura Râ, it seemed, was indeed a great hub of the world, a place where all the races of Erâth could meet and speak, without fear or violence.

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