The Redemption of Erâth: Book Three, Chapter Nineteen

Chapter Nineteen: The Greatest of All Wars

With the destruction of the Mirèn came a great darkening of all the lands of Erâth. Over many months, black clouds spread from Aélûr and Cathaï—clouds that brought with them fire, disease, and death. Where Cathaï’s poisoned rain fell, plants withered, died and grew again, twisted and deformed. Many creatures died, and those that survived were changed from nature into savage and vile beasts, hungering for the destruction of all. Where Aélûr’s flame fell, forests were turned to ash and stone, deserts to glass, and fields were left barren and wild. And in those places that bore the brunt of both, they were were left sterile and desolate, and nothing ever returned there, nor ever grew again.

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Exile Giveaway Is Live!

With the conclusion of Virtual FantasyCon on Facebook, The Redemption of Erâth: Consolation and Exile are back to their regular price of $3.99 on Amazon and iBooks. Thank you to all of you who picked up a copy during last week—I hope you enjoy it!

exile-digital-coverHowever, not all is lost, because starting today, you can enter my Goodreads giveaway to win one of ten hard copies of The Redemption of Erâth: Exile directly from me, the author! The giveaway is live here, and there are already almost 80 people requesting a copy, so enter now!

consolation-digital-coverAs an additional bonus, those of you who win the hard copy of Exile will receive a redemption code to download Consolation, the first book, for free from Smashwords. This way you can keep up with the entire adventure, as some people have told me the second book is harder to follow without having read the first.

So head over to Goodreads now, and try your luck—it’s free, and you’ve got everything to gain!

Once More Into the Darkness

We’re deep into autumn now, though the weather this week is meant to be warm, and I’m starting to feel the crushing despair that seems to come every year around this time. The hopelessness, the meaninglessness of everything, the feeling that it’s pointless even to try, to carry on for another day. That everything I do is doomed to failure.

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