How Bad Must We Be to See the Good in Others?

Love is a underlying theme in much of my writing. Erâth, the fictional world of my novels, is a world long-bereft of love, and so it is all the more potent when our main characters feel it for the first time—having never known of its existence. Love is, I think, an underrated quality in our lives today; something too freely and carelessly thrown about, without regard for the deeper meanings behind it. We fail to recognize true love, we confuse it with lust, we think it will solve all our problems … when I believe the truth of love is deeper and more powerful than all of that.

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Did It Hurt?

Did I upset you
when I told you how I felt?

Did it hurt
when I spoke my truth?

Did you wonder
where it came from
or why I hadn’t said anything

The wounds of our life
can fade
and even though they scar
they eventually cease to hurt

But this new pain …

New, and yet so old
one you never thought to feel

Oh, this pain
for me
will last.


Interview: Andy Peloquin

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611YJ0Ak1fL._UX250_As part of my ongoing launch this week, I’ve been interviewing guest authors here and on the Facebook page. This has been a great way to discover new and exciting authors, and possibly win free copies of their work! My last guest this week is the wonderful Andy Peloquin, author of the Atlantis-inspired novel In the Days and the very well-received fantasy series The Last Bucelarii (book one, Blade of the Destroyer, is available now). Let’s see what he has to say!

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