Thought of the Week: Lithium, One Month In

About a month ago, I wrote about being diagnosed with Bipolar Type I and the treatments I’m undergoing. Specifically, I wrote about adding lithium to my daily pill diet, and being both concerned and excited about this new treatment. I was afraid of the results, afraid of the side-effects; in particular, I was afraid of what it was going to do to me mentally. I was looking forward to the possibility of a more steady life, and afraid that I would become a zombie.

So now it’s a month later, and I’ve been on lithium long enough for the effects to settle in. The overall result? It’s really, really weird.

I haven’t noticed a wide array of different crazy side-effects, but there are a couple of things that are different that I can really only attribute to the lithium itself. The first, most obvious and noticeable effect is a significant tremor in my hands particularly, and in my body in general. Sometimes the tremors become quite violent, although they are mostly more subdued. For example, I spilled tea on myself and my mouse while writing this post because of a sudden shake. It’s even a little more difficult to type on the keyboard (thank goodness for autocorrect). I’ve also noticed a strange phenomena when I’m sleeping. Mrs. Satis has for a long time said that I shake or move uncontrollably when I sleep, but recently when I’m coming awake (that state between sleeping and waking) I begin to shudder throughout my entire body. It’s not painful, but is the most peculiar sensation I can describe. Every muscle in my body, it feels like, starts quivering rapidly, and this continues for several seconds before eventually fading away, leaving me feeling normal. I’ve started to become used to this, and I had something similar (but much milder) before starting the lithium, but it’s a little unsettling.

The second most obvious change is mental. Here, I can almost feel the lithium interfering with the chemical signaling in my brain. I have a constant fuzzy, numb sensation near the back of my head – right about where the cerebellum would be, I’d say – and emotionally I’m simply gone. I can still laugh in the presence of colleagues but I don’t actually find the joke very funny; I can still frown when Mrs. Satis is angry at me for forgetting to do something for the millionth time, but I don’t actually feel upset. I feel steady, certainly; almost like a see-saw that’s frozen in place.

There’s a good side to this. I don’t get nearly so angry, and I especially don’t get so depressed. This is a hard one to explain, actually, because I still feel a great lethargy, which was always one of the key characteristics of my depression. I still want to spend all day lying in bed, sleeping. (I got ten hours of sleep last night, yet I still felt compelled to have a nap all morning.) I can’t bring myself to do anything, never mind the important things that need doing every single day (like cleaning).

And there’s a down side, which is that I can’t react appropriately to anything. If little Satis is happy, I feel a little “meh”. If Mrs. Satis is angry I feel a little “meh”. It’s okay at work – reactions are governed by pre-scripted rules for social interaction, so as long as I respond the way work wants me to respond, I’m good – but at home it’s causing all sorts of problems. Which is ironic, because the whole point of lithium was to improve my quality of life.

It leaves me wondering what the point of any of this medication is. All I’ve done is traded a violent, abusive, depressed and lazy monster for a quiet, monotone, unfeeling lazy monster. And I have no idea which is better.

Do I want to go off lithium? I’m not sure. There’s the part of me that’s enjoying a bit of stability for once. There’s a part of me that hates the relationships this “new” me is forming with his loved ones. And there’s now a big part of me that just doesn’t give a f***.

Sigh. What would you do?

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The Redemption of Erâth: Read It for Free

A quick announcement: as long as I’m waiting to hear back about the status of the manuscript for The Redemption of Erâth: Consolation, I thought I’d allow everyone to read the final draft…for free!

I’m posting a chapter each day on each of these three writing outlets:




So far I don’t have too many reads, but that’s okay; I’m not looking for sales or popularity yet (though it’d be nice!). It would be cool to see the read counts go up, though, so if you have a spare moment, head over to one of these three sites and have a quick read!

For those of you who are writers/authors already, what do you think of the above sites? Do you have any recommendations for spreading the word about your writing?

The Redemption of Erâth: Announcement

Hello, dear readers!

I have an announcement to make regarding, which I hope will not cause you undue upset. As of January 1, 2014, I will be retiring this website in favor of the content here at

This wasn’t an easy decision to make, and believe me when I say it has nothing to do with either the story of Erâth itself, or you as readers. I’ve found myself recently struggling to keep up to date with multiple websites/blogs, and has recently been languishing without much attention.

What I will be doing instead is creating a dedicated section at for everything related to The Redemption of Erâth, in which will be excerpts from the forthcoming novel Consolation, as well as new chapters from Exile as they are written. I will also be updating with information and news regarding the path to publication (an exciting journey for me!) and any promotions/giveaways in relation to this.

It’s been a wonderful journey, friends, and I can’t wait for it to continue. I just need to consolidate my own work so that I can make sure to keep everyone up to date with the most relevant information about my writing.

Take care, and thank you to each and every one of you.

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